10 Ways to Use a Swiss Army Knife

10 Ways to Use a Swiss Army KnifeNot many people know just how useful a Swiss-Army knife can be in there average day to day life. They think that these knives are only useful for campers and survivalists.

But these knives can be used just about anywhere. Below are ten examples of how just about anyone can use a Swiss Army life during their average day.

1) Bottle Opener

Most Swiss Army knives have bottle opener attachment. Now you no longer have to worry about struggling to open a bottle in front of your friends. With ease, you can open a bottle using your Swiss Army knife. Swiss Army knives also have a corkscrew.

So you can even open a wine bottle. Bottle openers can be expensive and cumbersome. However, a Swiss Army knife is affordable and always with you. That way you can open anything from a cream soda to a Pinot Noir. Anytime, anywhere.

2) Whittling

I am 99% sure that you haven’t given the hobby of whittling any though in the past year. You probably haven’t even done it since you were in the Boy Scouts. But, whittling is a cheap and fun pastime. All it requires is a stick, your Swiss Army Knife, and some imagination.

Maybe even a quick 5 minute YouTube guide. Within no time, you’ll be happy you started doing this hobby. You can display your new works of art, give them out at gifts, or even use them as musical instruments like a recorder. The possibilities are endless.

3) Keyring

Most of the smaller Swiss Army knives have a keyring on them. With this, you can put all of your keys on it, saving valuable space inside your pocket. It can even save you time that would be dedicated to searching for your key.

4) Screw Driver

The nail file in the Swiss Army knife may appear to only be useful as a nail filer, but it has a hidden talent. The tip of it can be used as a flat head screwdriver.

If you immediately need to screw in something, then all you need to do is whip out your nail file. It really is quite simple.

5) Scissors

Standard Swiss Army knives have a scissors function. These are scissors that are much much smaller than normal scissors, but are still just as useful. They can cut most types of paper, tape, and other materials.

6) Tweezers

The tweezers inside of a Swiss Army knife can dig out many small things like splinters. I sometimes use my when i have to remove small parts inside my computer.

7) Toothpick

Annoying piece of food stuck in your mouth? The toothpick found inside the Swiss Army knife can easily remove this from in between your teeth.

I also use this when I have to remove the SIM card from my phone. It just slides right in and out pops the SIM card.

8) Magnifier

If you’re having trouble reading or seeing something small, a magnifying lens may help. Most Swiss Army knives have one of these, so you can read the fine print with ease.

9) Flash Drives

Some of the newer fancier Swiss Army knives even have USB flash drives on them. Now you can easily transport your files to and from different computers without having to deal with the over complicated Cloud.

10) Ruler

Not all Swiss Army knives have one of these, but some do. The ruler inside isn’t a large one; it measures in millimeters. However this could still prove useful to anyone in a trade that requires measuring small objects.

Some men may actually need to use a ruler of this size to measure their smaller tools. Of course, this may not apply to all men.


There are many common misconceptions about Swiss Army knives. They aren’t that useful anymore. They’re expensive. They’ve gotten too big and bulky.

None of these are true.

For a small price, you can have an indispensable tool in your pocket at all times. Swiss Army knives have many functions that we use in daily life which you’ve never even thought about before. So maybe now you’ll consider picking up the great tool that is the Swiss Army knife.

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