Best Swiss Army Knife for Backpacking – Choosing Guide

Probably one of the most handy and effective pocket tools in the history of modern civilization is the Swiss army knife. These pocket knives loaded with horde of other features and functionality are one of the most cherished possessions of backpackers.

Best Swiss Army Knife for Backpacking – top 3

Swiss army knives have been developed and reinstated with ever-changing tools and features to suit the needs of men in innumerable situations.

A trustworthy companion that lasts a lifetime, Swiss knives are available in different makes and models and choosing the right one for your backpacking needs is essential.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 Swiss army knives for backpacking

– Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool CS Swiss Army Knife

Crafted by the best in the business, Victorinox SwissTool CS is one of the most sturdy and compact Swiss army knives available in the market. Equipped with folding multi-tool suited for 37 different functions, this stainless steel body pocket knife caters to most day to day needs of a backpacker.

This Swiss army knife weighs around 10 ounces and with dimensions of 6 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches and is portable to carry. Implemented with 37 different folding tools including 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7.5mm Phillips head screwdriver, knife blades, metal saw, metal file, bit wrench with 6 bits, bottle opener, chisel, scraper etc. Every tool in this pocket multi-tool kit is firmly held by individual spring which allows proper functionality even when using just one tool at a time.

The SwissTool CS army knife is very versatile and metes out basic needs with ease. For basic outdoor and indoor needs without unnecessarily implemented tools, it is compact, durable and also boasts of a lifetime warranty against material defect. Definitely should be considered as one of the top options while buying a Swiss army knife.

– Victorinox Swiss Army Traveller Set Pocket Knife

Yet again an amazing combination of durability and efficiency, the traveller set Swiss army knife is one of its kind. Designed by Victorinox, the best manufacturers of pocket knives, this knife has an acid-resistant aluminum and plastic handle and the knives along with other blades and components are made of 100% stainless steel making it a strong and reliable companion during backpacking trips.

The traveller set pocket knife has compact dimensions (1.57inch x 1.57inch x 4.13inch and just about 3.5 inches when closed) and with a shipping weight of just less than half a pound, it is very portable and can be carried around everywhere easily.

Equipped with different sized large and small blades, small screwdriver, big screwdriver, bottle and can opener, wire stripper, wood saw, reamer and sewing eye, scissors, a patent mini screwdriver, cork screw, ball point pen, key ring, hook and straight pin. If you take the whole traveller kit along with the knife you get an additional set of tools like mag-lite flashlight, tweezers, thermometers (in Celsius and Fahrenheit), metric rulers, magnifying glass and a compass with spirit level indicator all incorporated within a leather belt pouch complete with a key ring.

For travellers and backpackers, this is a complete set of tools which will come in very handy in innumerable ways including night activity. It hosts a whole set of immensely effective tools and all neatly equipped within a belt sheath. A must try for all travellers and backpackers – this traveller set has great customer feedback and is one of the best in its league.

– Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ XLT

One of the best products by the world’s leading pocket knife manufacturer Victorinox, the Swiss champ XLT is a ruby colored translucent case that houses full-featured multi-utility tools and more. With over 50 mini-tools packed in an intricately designed 3.5 inch frame, the Swiss Champ XLT is a trendsetter for pocket knives.

Weighing around 3.5ounces this pocket knife is equipped with myriad functions and is a compact powerhouse attending to almost all needs of a backpacker.

Large and small blades, various sized screwdrivers, corkscrew, can and bottle opener, tweezers, scissors, pliers, wire cutter and stripper, reamer, chisel, nail filer, straight-pin, toothpick, magnifying lens with up to 8x magnification, ball pen, bit wrench with various hex sockets, bit cases with multiple heads, DIP switch setter, key ring etc. are amongst the tools that it provides. Adding to the list of usual tools, this knife is also well provided with other items like spatula, pruning blade, electrician’s blade and sewing eye.

If you are looking for a complete package in your Swiss army pocket knife along with classy looks and immense functionality, this is probably the best buy in the available list of knives in the market.


Now you are aware about the top 3 Swiss Army knives available in the market. Choose the one that suits you the most and start backpacking.

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