Swiss army knife parts – 5 most common replacement parts

Even the best of the best need maintenance. Swiss Army knives, powerful pocket knives equipped with a multi-tool set are without a doubt the best of their sort money can buy. However, with frequent use over the years, some of the tool attachments stored inside the handle of the knife may need replacement.
Swiss-army-knife-parts-ReviewSome of the most frequently used tools of a Swiss army knife are the tweezers, the toothpick, the scissor spring, disc saw and the screwdriver.

When they get damaged or ware off by frequent use, you can easily replace them with new parts, and still preserve the integrity and the identity of your own favorite pocket knife, most owners relate to.

In order to help you rejuvenate your favorite blade multi-tool set,

We made a list of the 5 most common replacement parts you can easily Buy.

– Victorinox Tweezers

The Victorinox tweezers are Swiss made, compact and sturdy, the world’s most known brand for multi-tools and pocket knives. They are without a doubt the best pair of tweezers you can find under going to the beauty store and spending five times the money.

This little tool can be caught on something on your pocket and get pulled out and lost. Good news is – you don’t have to worry. You can get six of them at once for just few bucks and fill the empty tweezers socket in your pocket knife, or replace your long serving tweezers with brand new one.

Any time you need to pull a small item out with strength and precision, or correct your appearance, and pluck unwanted facial hair or correct your eyebrows, you’re well equipped.

– Victorinox Replacement Toothpick

The toothpick is a very practical tool, always good to have in your pocket. If you haven’t lost this item, why would you want the new one? The simple truth is, most of people really wants to reuse their knife’s toothpick only so long before wanting to get a new one.

If you’re relying on the toothpick on your set, after your meals, it may be a wise choice to get a six pack of them and change the item from time to time. Where to do it? We found the right choice for you just a few clicks on Amazon away.

Victorinox replacement toothpick is in the exact size and shape to fit your knife. They are extremely durable and practical for a variety of purposes. They are packaged in 6 packs, weighing 0.8 ounces, they are gift wrap available. Over three hundred positive customer reviews for this item guarantee the quality and speedy delivery to your home.

– Victorinox Scissor Spring

There are countless occasions you need scissors to pop out when you want them. Traditional Swiss Army knives enable the scissors to open using the stored energy from a spring. Even though it’s a highest quality item, with the frequent usage over time, the spring can start needing replacement.

For all of you who wondered if there were replacement springs were available, the answer is yes. A very practical replacement scissor spring can be found on Amazon and solve your problems. This compact and sturdy string fits right inside your pocket knife and enables the scissors to function properly.

It’s quite simple to install, but for all of you who need it, there are numerous step by step tutorials on how to replace the scissor spring on YouTube. Before making the purchase, be mindful of the size of your knife and the size of the spring you’re ordering.

Our top pick relates to a medium sized knife that will be rejuvenated with the Victorinox scissor spring.

– Victorinox Rescue Tool Disc Saw

The Disc saw on your Swiss Army knife can be a life saver in the real sense of the word. It can be used for shatterproof glass, and as a seat belt cutter in case of emergency.

This powerful tool also comes very handy for cutting through various materials you come across in everyday situations when sawing is needed, like wood or hard plastic. Sturdy and strong, it’s a tool you can rely on at all times. If this important item in your set got lost or damaged, make sure to replace it with a new one.

Our recommendation is a genuine Victorinox Swiss made replacement part, you can find on Amazon. It is durable, simple to install and easy to use.

– Mini Screwdriver 3 set

One of the most useful parts of your Swiss army knife is a screwdriver. Very practical, cleverly placed, small screwdrivers are your tool number one for small repairs like tightening glasses or sunglasses screws, but also managing all sorts of small repairs, even using it as a very sturdy small leaver.

If damaged or broken, your pocket knife screwdrivers can easily be replaced with new ones from Amazon. The most quality and very affordable option is Victorinox replacement set. They are very easy to install on your pocket knife.


Multipurpose design of the pocket knife and it’s versatility is a reason Swiss Army knives became a worldwide go to multi-tool famous for quality and durability.

If you are one of the many proud owners of such an item marked with a characteristic cross logo, and have come to a position where you’re in the need of replacing a part, do not think twice. Having a perfect multi-tool pocket knife set with an item damaged or missing takes away a lot of the charm.

When getting a replacement part, the key aspect to pay attention to is quality. If you have the world’s best pocket knife in your possession, you can’t put a low quality part on it.

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