Swiss Army Knife Warranty

warranty for your Swiss Army KnifeYour Swiss Army knife can provide you with decades of use, but general wear and tear can blunt the blades or render some of the features unusable.

Taking out a warranty when you first buy this gadget could give you with the safeguard you need and allow you to exchange the item, or have it fixed by a professional, if something goes wrong.

Brands such as Victorinox and Wenger create intricate, beautifully crafted products that could become instant household accessories. However, taking out a warranty could provide you with more value for money. Here are some tips on when taking out a warranty for your Swiss Army knife.

Think about whether you really need a warranty

Some products are more expensive than others, and this is the same for Swiss Army knives too. Although some products will come with a warranty for a limited time (1 year or 2 years perhaps), you might be asked to take out an extended or lifetime warranty on the product.

Before you say yes, decide whether you really need one. Ask yourself the following questions before you take out an extended warranty: How long do you want the product to last? How frequently are you going to be using it? How expensive is the item? Will it work out cheaper to buy a new one if it breaks? Or have it fixed by a professional?

Answering these will help you decide whether you really need a warranty and if it makes financial sense.

Check the terms and conditions

Warranties will come with lots of small print, so make sure you check out all the details before you sign anything. Not all warranties are the same: Some contracts might provide you with a full replacement if your Swiss Army knife breaks while others will fix the item and send it back to you.

You should also check for spare parts and whether these are included in the warranty too. Remember, your warranty might not cover you if your Swiss Army knife breaks or becomes unusable due to neglect or misuse. In short, always read the terms of your warranty coverage.

Find out how much it’s going to cost you

If you do decide to take out a warranty, find out how much it’s going to cost you. For example, you might be asked to pay a one-one payment or pay in installments for the warranty.

Also, inquire about the different payment options available to you: You might be able to cancel the warranty at any time or could be “tied in” to a particular contract length.

Use a price comparison website

You might be able to get a third-party warranty on your product, depending on the brand. This will give you more choice and could work out cheaper.

If you have this option, you might want to check a price comparison website to find the cheapest deals online. These sites allow you to filter different warranties based on price and other criteria, providing you with all the info you need.


Before you take out a warranty on your Swiss Army knife, think about whether you really need one, check the terms and conditions, find out about how much it will cost and shop around for the best deals.

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