Victorinox 8 inch Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife Review

The dream of an experienced chef or every average person that likes to engage in the passion of cooking is fulfilled with the making of the eight inch Victorinox Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife.

This fantastic knife is made by skilled craftsmen in Switzerland, with a 125 plus year long tradition, responsible for creating the world-famous Swiss Army Knife. It is no surprise their chef’s knife comes with a lifetime warranty. If you’re going to do a lot of slicing and dicing, or just like to have top culinary gear for a fraction of the cost, Victorinox Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife is the perfect go to tool for everyday culinary adventures.
Victorinox 8 inch Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife Review

Victorinox Fibrox straight edge Chef’s knife, sized at 8 inches is a multipurpose chef’s knife, designed to make your chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing easy and efficient. The base of the quality of this knife is the high-carbon stainless steel blade, designed to provide maximum sharpness and edge retention.

Superior conical ground lengthwise and crosswise design of the blade has made the resistance while cutting minimal. The blade carries a refined balance between stiff and flexible making it a chef’s delight. Each of these quality blades has been laser tested for optimum cutting power. In spite its size, the eight inch Victorinox Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife is very light and easy to operate.

This knife exceeds in sharpness, but that’s only the part of the experience. Your hand will not fatigue or hurt when it comes to long term food preparation, because the handle is two inch wide patented Fibrox, textured, slip resistant and ergonomically designed for a very comfortable and secure feel.

Knife experts agree that the comfort of a grip is largely subjective and depends on variables from the size of the hand, the way of holding the blade to various personal preferences of the person using the knife. Because of that fact, it came as a surprise that a group of six testers, during one knife quality study, unanimously preferred the handle of the Victorinox Fibrox chef’s knife.

Weather you need to trim, cube and chuck a stake, slice chorizo, dice peppers or carve the turkey for Thanksgiving, working with this knife will make your cooking chores turn into a pleasure full journey of cuisine. The perfectly curved blade is made for all sorts of culinary work. It cuts through anything like it’s butter and it is designed to slip right into the rocking motion that makes chopping a breeze. With it, you will be able to chop like the chefs on cooking shoes.

Good knives are a joy forever for all cooking enthusiasts, and by investing in a very affordable, yet top quality Victorinox Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife, you will get a supreme all round kitchen tool that outperforms knives that are double or triple in price.

If you are one of many people who have drawers full of knives, the Victorinox Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife will soon become the best thing that has happened to your kitchen, and the first knife you reach for every time. It was for that reason the American Test Kitchen rated it the best knife in two of their tests.

This fantastic knife is a trending topic of numerous knife forums around the web. Users share their good experiences and emphasize that when you buy Victorinox Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife, you get a higher end knife, but for a fraction of the cost. This amazing chef’s knife can be found at a very low price for a top quality, excellent performing knife. Users also admire the great balance and a nice all around construction of the knife and the fact it’s dishwasher safe.


If you are looking for a top quality knife that is affordable in the same time, we consider the eight inch Victorinox Swiss army Fibrox chef’s knife to be the best option you can currently go for.

There is a reason that this knife is one of the most popular sold in the line. It’s an all around tool that will make your kitchen routine a smooth and passionate experience.

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